Observing the Runway

Rip the Runway 1

Head to Toe: H&M Navy-polka dot button up/H&M pink-black polka dot open neck shirt with ruffled shoulders/Kohls black turtleneck/Vintage treasure-Black knit pencil skirt/Cheap Monday-black platform boots.

Rip the Runway

dark photo...my sister in the background. Me and my hair.

dark photo…my sister in the background. Me and my hair.

Wednesday of last week, my sister, friend and I attended BET’s annual fashion show;Rip The Runway.’  It did not exceed my expectations because I did not know what to expect. However, what I thought I was going to see and what I hyped myself up for, was NOT executed in the divine fashion that I played up in my mind.

On the other hand, I am grateful to have been able to experience this ONE time event with my sister. We definitely cracked a few jokes, laughed hard, bonded, ate good and grew closer. I did not pop a molly, nor did I sweat. I waited in long lines, almost lost my patience, and was promptly reminded why I love this man I am with( life partner). It was DEF a day for the history books.

With that said, I captured one fashion observation on the runway that tickled my unique fashion fancy. I was not able to hear the name of the brand, but, I was able to snap a quick pic of  the line-up. Also, pictured above is what I wore( me and my girls were the classiest!) 🙂


JoBell 🙂


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