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On my way to a school interview, I passed by ‘Meatball Obsession.’ It is a walk-up/take out/dive type of place; that I would never have noticed  if  a news anchor wasn’t standing in the front of the joint,  conducting an interview with employees, indulging in a meatball, and explaining the deliciousness to the camera-lady.  As a by-stander I took in the scene and became intrigued.

Fast forward an hour: my interview is over ….meatballs are on my mind.

I quickly jetted back over to 14th and 6th street where the walk-up was.  I ordered a single turkey meatball with pecorino romano accompanied by a large piece of bread.  The lady at the window was very friendly, she informed me that another location would be opening in Garden City mall, NJ and that they also had delivery service. I thanked her, took my meatball and headed for the PATH train.

Once home, I threw all my stuff down, washed my hands and dug into the meatball, bread, and sauce. The bread and sauce were very good and comforting. The meatball..ehhh… was a little too meaty for me. But, for those of you who are die hard carnivores I am sure that this is the place for you… try it!

MeatBall Obsession

510 6th Ave  

Manhattan, NY 10011
(212) 262-8646

Posted By: Jobell


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