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I made it to the world renowned CAKE BOSS also known as Carlos Bake Shop.

It was cozy and serene,  not crazy over-stocked with sweets or “Carlos'”accessories.

The decor  favored  a typical east coast/independent bake shop. The employees were VERY polite, because they are used to customers coming in gawking over the pastries, and taking mad pictures of Carlos’s books, the cakes, and them..

I snapped a few photo,ordered two mini cannoli’s, and headed back to Jersey City.

Review: The Cannoli‘s were the BOMB to say the LEAST, the creamy filling was subtly rich in flavor with a light-flaky crust wrapped around  it. They were so good, that I almost went back for more today, instead I practiced discipline.

However, If I get hired in the area I will be a consistent consumer of the heavenly cannoli.

If you’re in the Hoboken, NJ area be sure to stop by and check the place out. I’m sure TLC will thank you later….

Here’s where to find it…

Carlo’s Bakery
95 Washington Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Posted By: JoBell


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