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Jersey City is a small treasure-trove; an up-and-coming creative haven that has been evolving with artists, cafe‘s, small boutiques, restaurants, and vintage shops for years.

My passion for food paired with my love for eccentric style, places me in the center of this City’s art world. Because of this, my blogs are dedicated to ‘What I wore,’ While trying out a new restaurant, cafe, bodega, or diner. These places are predominantly located  in JC or  New York City’s village/Soho neighborhood.

This post is about a BASIC cafe’, located directly across the street from Hamilton Park (gentrified neighborhood) and the upscale Montessori pre-school. This coffee shop located in a nook;happens to be one of the most popular asian-deli’s in the area.

I have been going to this place for coffee since 2011 (with breaks and moves in-between) their coffee is fresh and amazing. Also, they happen to house the best Iced Coffee in the area; however, I’d never ever tried the food. I always turned my nose -up to the bibimbap, soba, and udon tofu menu. I thought,“If it is not a specific asian restaurant, it must not be good.” Clearly I was WRONG!

Last week, I decided to take the plunge and try the cold Soba Noodle salad. The salad comes dressed with hot pepper paste, or seasoned Soy sauce. I opted for the hot pepper paste because I love anything lightly salty and spicy.  I dined in with a diet Coke (I haven’t had one in a year) which used to be my go-to caffeinated beverage before I discovered espresso and black tea.

The Flavors = sweet,sour,and spicy. The  spice sneaks up as an after-taste.

Buckwheat noodle health benefits: Lowers blood pressure, decreases cholesterol, Reduces fat accumulation, Promotes healthy bowel movements, and it Fits a well-balanced and low-calorie diet.

The dish came with mixed greens, sliced seaweed, sliced carrots, and green onions. I was impressed, filled up and was still fueled with plenty of energy to continue tackling my day.

If you’re ever in the Jersey City Area, be sure to stop by BASIC it’s right of the Newport PATH train station.



231 8th street

Jersey City, NJ 


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