Fish N Chips

Asalt 2

A salt 1

        Bridge + Fish & chips

Bridge + Fish & chips

              Mushy peas

Mushy peas


Tarter Sauce

ginger beer

My friend and I, had a girls meet day at Guy Fieri approved ‘A Salt &Battery’ in Greenwich Village.

The place was small. definitely a diner, drive-in, or Dive type of place. The food was FRESH, crisp, and tasty.

On the other hand, we had to walk around a bit, after eating to make sure our hair and coats did not hoard the smell of fresh fried fish.

I ate = Pollock Fish Bites with mushy peas (European specialty)

Bridge ate = Fish bites and chips

To drink: I had a ginger beer, Bridge, Stella Artois.

After, we grabbed drinks at ‘the Crooked Knife’ on 14th and on my way home from NYC, I grabbed a night cap of Ube ice cream; Torico homemade ice cream shop, JC.

 Sexy Drinks

Sexy Drinks

    Torico's Ube

Torico’s Ube


A Salt & Battery

112 Greenwich Ave.

New York, NY


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