Dockers and Sun

  Hamilton Park

Hamilton Park

80s 1

  walk-up window

walk-up window

Torico 2


80 2

80 3

The weather is warm, and luminous.

This is a 360 change from the post  hurricane Sandy fall and winter weather. Although, spring has technically been here for 18 days; today is the first time we have felt the presence of the season.

I am a convivial person, so of course sun makes my skin& heart smile. Usually Tuedsays are reserved for Yoga and Abs class, but, this week I cheated on yoga with frayed dockers, grey moccasins, a maroon cardi, and avocado ice cream from Torico Homemade.


****Please excuse some of the pictures…I had a cone in my hand. ****



20 Erie street

Jersey City, NJ


Posted By: JoBell


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