Cafe’ Grumpy

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There are four locations to this hip, eclectic, vanguard  Cafe’: 13th & Essex Bakery & Cafe’, GreenPoint Cafe’ and Roastery, Park Slope Cafe’ and the Cafe’ I visited in Chelsea .

Cafe’ Grumpy will incontestably please your coffee connoisseur taste buds. The Baristas paint a design a top every cappuccino(not pictured) and their pastries are baked fresh daily at their local Bakery on 13th & Essex.  The buttery-sweet espresso and mint-pomegranate tea is the perfect mix for a caffeinated refresher.

If you work, live, or attend classes by W. 20th street in Chelsea…I encourage you to drop-in and try it.

Grumpy cafe' 5

grumpy cafe'4

espresso grumps

grumpy cafe' 3

Cafe’ Grumpy

224 W. 20th street

New York,NY 


Posted by: Jo Bell


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