Julie Taymor for The Lion King


Taymors innovative creativity took a turn for the best when she recreated Disney’s, ‘The Lion King’ on Broadway.The display of the original African costumes was put together through puppetry, a skill she earned a post-graduate degree for in Japan. If you have mid to front row seats or binoculars in hand, you will be able to view the  beading on Simbas costume, as well as the enlarged presentation of the animals remastered for the re-creation of; the ‘Circle of Life.’ Rafiki’s make-up and beaded necklace paired with his tattered, embellished, and worn ensemble, symbolizes his wisdom and allows him to connect to the audience.   Taymors vision depicted through the characters gives us a chance to see  our once favorite Disney animation be brought to life right before our eyes.

circle of Life



  Simba and Mufasa face-off. First time masks came down during the play.

Scar and Mufasa face-off. First time masks came down during the play.



  Rafiki Up Close

Rafiki Up Close

I had the pleasure of viewing this musical on Broadway in 2011, I was was fascinated by the costumes and captivated by the way the piece was directed. It’s 16th anniversary is this year, anyone who has not seen this play should make a strong effort to, “get it while it’s hot!”

After all it has been shown in  15 countries, on 5 continents, in 8 different languages(nbc.com).

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