Beauty and The Pianist

Many women are obsessed with beauty, because it enhances what they already have. You can be beautiful like Beyonce’, or over the top and full of zeal like Nicki Minaj.  It all Depends on how you wear your make-up, hair, and habiliments.

Liberace original

Liberace crushes every Diva/Divos dreams with his over-the-top costumes that he consistently wore during his ‘Liberace Las Vegas Show.’ He was ahead of his time in the way he presented himself, how he displayed his piano aesthetics, and how he captivated his audiences based on the embellished pieces he wore to his performances. He also  held their attention through his musical genius. The HBO Biopic, Behind The Candelabra candidly explores the details of his costumes, and his intense relationship with his long-time lover Scott Thorson. Liberace, played by Michael Douglas allowed a costume (lover) like myself, a chance to research the women behind the wardrobe; Ellen Mirojnick. Much like Cee-lo, Liberace was one of the first musicians to be obsessed with beauty. He loved it so much that he wanted to give it to the world and be surrounded with it in his personal life. One of his most talked about pieces, was the sixteen foot train sequined lined, white fox fur coat. He had to be chauffeured on stage by a Rolls Royce to hold the weight of the extortionate cloak.  Mirojnick states, “That coat was inspired by a coat designer by Anna Nateece, his furrier. It’s an iconic, white, virgin Norweigian fox coat, lined sequins-but ours is fake and more mobile ” (via The Vulture).

4/17/79 Liberace show at the Las Vegas Hilton


On the other hand, Matt Damon’s ( who played Liberace’s boyfriend Scott Thorson)character wore an  exorbitant chauffer suit  to compliment Liberace’s coat and coke white Rolls Royce. In another segment of the movie, the film captures Thorson swimming in bedazzled speedos, which seems to be very becoming of the character. After all, Liberace did create Scott’s wardrobe. In real life Liberace’s costumes took one year to make and costed hundreds of thousands of dollars. For the film, the budget was cost-effective and the looks took less time to create. The costume decision making was so swift that Mirojnick says, “I didn’t have a chance to second guess myself.” It is Great that she loved the overall looks she created for the Biopic. Check out a few of the looks shown on the REAL Liberace and Michael Douglas from the HBO film.

Mike for Lib

The Liberace Museum in Las Vegas Closed in October, 2010 after being open for 31-years. Maybe The MET will snatch up a few of  the pieces and create a themed display, who knows.  We wouldn’t want those adorned garbs to go to waste!

liberace original ending piece

Liberace museum (The Lasagna)


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