The Little Mermaid Critics review


The broadway Play that did not excite.

lil mermaid 1 littlemermaid 2

As a child, I was a true fanatic of ‘The Little Mermaid.‘  I used to watch this film two to three times a week. My older siblings were irritably exhausted with my obsession of Disney films in general, so when this particular animation captivated me  they were wondering if I could happily watch this motion picture on a different tv, in a different room.   Because of how popular this film was, I thought that the director would have  done an outstanding job on the Broadway musical knowing that she was in competition with a plethora of Disney adaptations that were re-imagined for the Broadway stage. Unfortunately, her delivery failed. Not only did her feats not come across as a success but the Costume Designer, Tatiana Noginova also failed miserably in creating sea looks that are realistic and doable for a musical, shown Live in front of the general public.  Critics reported that the costumes were so abominable that they had to “guess-who-they-were.” The characters that is.

tatiAlthough, Ariel’s appearance was self-explanatory. Ariel was draped in a seashell bra, her long skirt/tail seemed to be constructed out of various materials. When she became human she accompanied the seashell bra with a skirt made out of kelp.


ariel human little mermaidOur beloved sebastian’s cloak resembled a 17th century male renaissance suit in red of course! In one of the shows Whoopi Goldberg played Sebastian. In the following shows Rogelio Douglas Jr. played his character.

whoopi as sebastianUrsula (Faith Prince) wore an elaborate shod that appeared as a dress with 8-octopus legs coming out at the waistline.

ursula little mermaid

07-9-6 Little Mermaid set-ups

lil mermaid 1

sea creaturesTo keep the characters in motion Noginova thought it would be best to put the cast in “heely’s.”  This way they would have no problem skating around the stage, making the un-inspired audience feel as though the characters were naturally floating “unda tha sea.” Noginova was born in Vologda, Russia.  Prior to this musical, she designed for twenty-eight productions for drama theatres and Opera houses.  The reviews were harsh, but the general public gave a series of mixed recapitulations on Yelp.  “The Show’s give you chills moment comes with the simple of effects-the feisty Ariel Sheds her tail and transforms from mermaid to girl.” Joe Dziemianovicz (The Daily News).This is one of the positive quotes that I salvaged from the critics.

The show opened in January 2008 and left Broadway in the fall of 2010 to go on a national tour. Now, the musical  is off-broadway, showing in the Benedum Center for Performing Arts, Pittsburgh,PA.

They have a good amount of shows playing this summer, so if you are interested in challenging critics and journalists’ reviews take a quick trip up to PA and check the show for yourself.

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