A colorful Breakfast

Kitchenette 1

kitchenette 2

kitchenette 3


kitchenette 5

My Beaux had an early morning appt. in the city which is why we were able to dine at my favorite quaint and unique breakfast spot. I happened to know about this colorful early meal hashery from a former Sbux co-worker. Zack used to tell me all about the place and how they sale awesome comfort comestible which includes: the perfect fluffy biscuit, fresh fruit drinks and thick maple bacon. After he quit Sbux in 2011, I checked the spot out for myself. All of his recommendations were on point. Not to mention they have UNLIMITED coffee refills. We all know I love coffee.

The first time I went I had the Kitchenette meal, which is a biscuit sandwich made up of eggs, cheese, bacon, and apricot jam. Due to my relentless attempts to be healthy, I kept it light this morning. On the other hand, my Beauxs’ meal was a little heavier and tasty(picture above).

My meal Kitchenless = eggwhites,smoked turkey, grilled tomato,biscuit with apricot jam-almond butter, and coffee & 8 oz. Grapefruit juice

His meal Waffle & Bacon = Belgian waffle, Maple bacon (5 pieces), and Orange juice (fresh squeezed)


I ordered the meal that was on the $10 before 10 am menu. He ordered from the regular breakfast menu.

I’m told they are known for their awesome baked goods and tea parties as well. But, I have not had a chance to try either one yet. Soon come.. maybe next time ! 🙂



156 Chambers Street,

New York, NY




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