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After  seeing ‘Monkey: Journey to the west’ E and I walked a few blocks to hit up Justin Timberlake’s restaurant Southern Hospitality. We were famished, a bit tired, and ready to grub on some down home comfort food.  Although Southern Hospitality did NOT live up to its name:  the cider beer, ambiance and city lights were enough to keep me happy and occupied during our visit. I ordered pulled chicken ( came out a bit cold), mac n cheese( american cheese slice melted on the top. BUMMER! 😦 ), and creamed spinach (best thing on the plate). To bring out the smoked flavor on the chicken, I added a mix of the BBQ sauces that were on the table.   Eventually, I asked for a to go box deciding to doctor the chicken up at home for dinner the next day. As for the mac n cheese I threw it out because I have NEVER tasted “homemade” mac ‘n’ cheese made with KRAFT slices. E had ribs, creamed spinach and cornbread with honey butter. He ate the cornbread quickly, complained about the ribs,  and barely touched his creamed spinach. We both left disappointed to say the least.

However, us together in the city of lights after a nice play at Lincoln Center still made us smile on a Friday evening.  :))))


If you are ever in NYC close to 9th ave. or Times Square stop by and order appetizers and drinks from the bar. The place seems to be a better experience for groups of friends that gather at the bar not expecting much of the place.


Where to find the restaurant:


Southern Hospitality

645 9th Ave.





Jo Bell


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