Hilferty for Wicked Costumes

vintage susan

Susan Hilferty brought the creative fantasy  Wicked  to life for Broadway.  Hilferty has designed over 300 productions from Broadway to the Bay Area. Internationally she worked in Japan, London, Australia, Germany, and South Africa.  In 2004, she won a Tony Award for  the costumes in Wicked.  She individually tailored and created 200 costumes for each character. “It is a long, complicated journey to develop the look that’s happening on stage and we’re all partnered in it- that means the director, the writer, the actors, and the other designers. We’re all trying to find the appropriate gestures to tell our story,” she said. -Alumni.NYU.edu.  Wicked is completely an imagined and magical world, a process that took two years to create. She completed over one- thousand sketches and as mentioned before, tailored  and manufactured 200 pieces.


emerald city 1

Emerald City

Emerald City

In Act 1: scenes 2, 4, 5, and 6 The colors were Dark, bold, and drabby, Maroons, browns, dark tans, and green wee displayed in the wardrobe. For the Shiz University scene the actors wore Navy blue, white, solids or stripes, Jackets, vests, and preppy collegiate student attire.  Fast Forward to scene 6: Oz Dust Ballroom. Cast were clothed in Palazzo pants, droopy tu tus, feather skirts, and mid-draped skirt with a mix of prints. Scene 10 is when the Emerald city was introduced. This is when the audience gets to meet the green people draped in green and black habiliments. Some of the apparel is witch-esque i.e. pointed top hats, loose fitting A-line black dresses with un-refined hem lines.  The Props were: Flags, feather bods, batons, umbrellas, ribbons, and glasses.   Alongside, Layered 17th century dresses and jackets with a small top hat.

Shiz University

Shiz University

Oz Dust Ballroom

Oz Dust Ballroom

In Act 2  the audience gets the experience of the flying Monkey. They are dressed in brown unitards and monkey masks. The guards in this scene are green police. They are styled in jackets and armor. Scene 11: The Finale. Repeats the costumes from Scene 1.

Flying Monkeys

Flying Monkeys

I have spoken with a few people who went to see the play, and they thoroughly enjoyed it, one women told me she saw it twice. A sub-dresser for the musical also appreciated the opportunity and liked the piece. Although, I am sure it took a lot of work and organizing to remember all of the looks for the characters. If you want to interview, or meet Susan Hilferty you can find her at Tisch (NYU campus), where she serves as the Chair of the design department.


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