The Newsies

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Tobin Ost won a Tony Award for the costume design in The Newsies: The Musical on Broadway,2012. Ost not only created the costumes, he  built the scene.  His love for architectural structure stems back to his high school days, Architecture was his first love. When he was turned down for a internship at an architecture firm he did not give up. He tried his luck at a Theater and was offered to help out building sets.   Fast Forward years later, 2012, he is building scenes and constructing newsboy garbs for Broadway.

The Newsies is based on the newsboy strike that took place in 1899, the strike lasted two weeks. The musical happens to be  loosely based off of the book: Children of The City.  One of my older Brothers (Nick) loved watching this movie every time it came on cable television. He would become so immersed in the piece that it often felt like he was a newsboy during the 1800s.

the newsies

The costumes curated for the stage were as follows: vests, button up shirts and pants rolled up to the ankle. Some of the pants were cut off at the bottom with a bit of a frayed look.   The young boys wore fit caps which were referred to as the “newsboy cap” Knee pants,  and knicker suits with long black stockings. The older boys wore long pants with outer jackets. Flat caps were also present in their style as well as Ferndale striped vests and sable brushed cotton vests. Some of the vests may have even been Cromwell wool tweed or Burford vests (also made of wool tweed). The wardrobe era pieces listed above are worn in repetition throughout the play.

the newsies 2

newsies ies

Even though he is known for being  a scene captivator,  Ost took his career to another level by understanding and desigining newsboy wardrobe form the 18th century era.

Pictures taken from other sources

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