Cyndi Laupers influence on Broadway

Cyndi Lauper kinky boots

Over time we (the audience) has watched Cyndi Laupers’ style evolve from the early 70s until recent millenium times. Lauper fits  in with the highly eccentric fashioners like: Vivian Westwood, Ru Paul, or Betsey Johnson.  Her look has matured a bit, but her audience will always remember the fashionable risks she has taken through out her career.  Laupers’ strong, soft- alto voice that projects in; time after time or true colors has been the inspiration behind the six-time award winning and perilously costumed (Broadway musical)  Kinky Boots. 

Gregg Barnes

Costume designer, Gregg Barnes elaborately researched the Drag world before he delve into creating looks for the musical.  During his research he became heavily inspired by Ru Pauls’ drag presentation; he dug even deeper into the world and found himself gaping with curiosity; enjoying the art of drag.  Barnes was galvanized by, the make-up, costumes, and details of how the looks came together. After all, Kinky Boots is a story about saving an english shoe factory by creating stiletto high heels for drag queens( vs making brogues, english shoes).  It is only fitting that Barnes explored the drag lifestyle so that his pieces were curated with precision.  On the other hand, he had to understand the audience that he was designing for.  Barnes stated that in the story men of the factory resisted change in the beginning, but towards the end they became unified with the females factory workers. This shows in their wardrobe at the Milan fashion show.

Kinky boots 4


The most difficult look to create was the famous stiletto boot ( the star of the show) thigh-high, fire engine red, sparkly boots. Barnes used a steel shank molded from the tip of the heel all the way back with a steel pin to keep things from breaking.  Later he developed stiletto boots that a man’s weight won’t break.  By using, three leather piped with black to make the reds look redder one piece foiled crocodile patent.(

Kinky boots 1

Kinky Boots 2

Kinky Boots 3

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