Brendas’ Brunch

iced tea

Apple beignets

Brendas 1

Brendas 2

Last weekend E and I had the opportunity to dine at Brendas on Polk, st for Breakfast!.

This was his first time visiting the Bay Area, with a native Bayarean ( and he was stoked to be out on the city with someone who frequented the San Francisco, Ca. as a child, teenager, and young adult.

A couple of years back, I brought my best friend here for brunch as a barter gift for editing a few posts for me. She loved it and has been back a few times [[read her review here:]]. However, this day was extra special because WE both acted as out-of-town visitors. The place was quaint, wider than I remembered, calming, social, and trendsetting.  The experience was divine. I was happy to come back to a comforting spot that has great food, and great service, It reminded me that I miss how laid back California is. Not many people are in a rush or caught up in what they need to do next for themselves; we were able to interact with the table next to us discussing pork po’boys, scrambled eggs with oysters, and shrimp and grits;over beignets.   The guy next to us looked over at my meal *coughing* and asked me how did I like the spice on the shrimp and grits. I responded (no cough) that I loved it, matter of fact it wasn’t spicy enough. There were no old foggies present, the crowd was vibrant, reposed, and in vogue.   In that brief moment… I missed being a California girl, that lives in California.  Because my beau accompanied me, I felt even more at ease.

In all of my nostalgia, the place was perfect. The decor screamed cajun, vintage classic. The walls were decorated with mirrors another was decorated with a large painted picture of a crab. The watermelon sweet tea was heavenly, the shrimp and grits were rich and creamy with the perfect hint of spice, and the apple beignets tasted like a light and fluffy apple pie. My soy cappuccino even burst on the scenes full of flavor, and moist coffee richness.

If you are ever in the SF bay Area  and are prepared to eat a filling breakfast, try Brendas  on Polk, St.

Notes: The Crawfish Beignets are tasty as well… so if you like savory and sweet, order the Beignet sampler

The sweet tea is lightly sweetened, steeped the right length of time, and refreshing.

I believe all dishes on the menu are equally good, so whatever you crave, Go for it!



652 Polk St  

San Francisco,

CA 94102
(415) 345-8100



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