Trip To Bountiful

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“My goal is that if someone came in the theater that really knows about clothes, they can date this to 1952-53. ” – Van Broughton Ramsey

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Ramsey clothed the women in long sleeve dresses with full skirts or billowy dresses with no sleeves that were shaped with a small waistline. He used Wool Shearling and Imperial Shearling fabrics for mens shirts and Greyhound uniform Fabric for some of the male characters;  i.e. guards, police officers etcetera.  Lynn Mackie was the Milliner, the milliner is a person who makes and tailors hats.  She made some of the hats by hand to fit the era for the other hats Ramsey found them or refurbished them from his mothers closet.   Ramsey took his time by making sketches and adding fabric swatches . He did extensive research on the time period through photographs of  studying how people dressed during 52-53 in Texas and Harrison. The people dressed well, they were classy and dignified. They cared about their appearance and made sure their clothing was pressed to perfection.  Cicely Tyson who played the main character Carrie Watts wore a wardrobe that complimented her singularity.  She possessed raw sophistication on the stage. The togs she wore told the story of an older women on a journey to make it back to her hometown, Bountiful, TX.   The Pieces were tailored to make the  audience feel as though they were living in Texas in 1952-53.  Prior to Trip to Bountiful, Ramsey has done three films for Horton Foote. He  won two Emmys and a Costume Designer achievement award for excellence in television.

The Trip to Bountiful Stephen Sondheim Theatre

As mentioned before, The story of Trip to Bountiful is a tale of Carrie Watts (Cicely Tyson) on the journey to return to her hometown of Bountiful, TX against her son and autocratic daughter-in-law’s wishes. The story is inspiring, it projects elements of hope and faith. Many people can relate to an anecdote of  perseverance, determination and will; all over the world.

trip to bountiful 3

The show ended  October  9th 2013. Hopefully it will be traveling to a theater near you or be so missed here in NYC that they have to bring it back as a staple Broadway show.    ***fingers Crossed***

Photos Taken from various sources

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