Lemieux & Pippin


Contributing costume designer for Cirque De Soleil and four-time award nominee Lemieux; has projected her magic touch for theatrical and  spectacle wardrobe with the euphonious curtain-riser known to Broadway as,  Pippin.

pippin 1

The performers are robed in acrobatic wear, middle-aged dresses, or slouchy perforated shirts. The body suits  (acrobat attire) are designed with geometric prints distributed evenly around the suit. The body suits Compliment contortionists, or acrobats as they  move through hoops or wrap their bodies around floor length rods. These particular looks advertise Lemieux’s design experience with  Cirque De Soleil shows.  Other performers were bedecked with  gold crowns, denim vests over motley button ups and printed denim. All of the garbs tell  the story of,  Pippin a young prince on the hunt for his purpose.

pippin 3

Pippin 3

To Purchase tickets go to Pippithemusical.com the theater is:


239 West 45th Street

New York, NY 10036

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