Football and Fashion

Through Feb. 2, at Bloomingdale’s.
Last updated: 01/29/2014

helmetsIn anticipation of the Super Bowl XLVIII and to endorse the National Foot Ball League Foundation (NFL), the Council of Fashion Design along with Bloomingdale’s have sewn together a fresh and unique collaboration. They commissioned various designers — such as Betsey Johnson, Nicole Miller, Tadashi Shoji, Eugenia Kim, and John Varvatos — to create extravagant fashion helmets. Some of these helmets are bedazzled, others painted with thick horizontal black and white lines with flowers where the face mask begins; there is also a helmet made up of a huge, furry Panda head. If you happen to be on the East Side and have a moment to stop by Bloomingdale’s, I highly recommend that you check out the superb visual window display.

Bloomingdale’s is located at 1000 3rd Ave. on 59th St. The display will be up until this Sunday, February 2nd, which is when the Super Bowl will air.

The original piece was written by me, for stage


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