Macy’s Flower Show

On Monday afternoon, people were crammed everywhere with their iPads and iPhones out, ready to snap impressive shots of the “endless” Secret Garden that is currently on display at Macy’s annual Flower Show.  This is the 40th year that Macy’s Parade and Entertainment Group have partnered with Ireland Gannon Nursery to create this floral art installation, and the results don’t disappoint. In addition to the Secret Garden, one of the exhibit’s main attractions, visitors can view couture flower gowns, try out new fragrances, and take part in daily flower seminars.

At the entrance, visitors are introduced to a beautiful couture gown made out of flowers. Called “Lady in Red Dress”, this work of art is formed from 2,000 plus red roses, burgundy carnations, ethereums from Hawaii, red tulips (along the base of the dress), and a bodice of fungi.   Alongside this extravagant display is “The Secret Garden”; classic, refined, and traditional, this installation is a reflection of walking through archways in local rose gardens.

Later, visitors are greeted with a fresh citrus spritz of the new Dolce and Gabbana fragrance. The fragrances are coddled in the middle of citrus daffodils and white amaryllis.   Cherry trees line the aisles of this maze of flowers: There are 24 that are changed out frequently so that they remain fresh and in bloom. Upstairs in the mezzanine, visitors will find the ‘Under the Sea’ exhibit, which mimics what a swimmer might see when diving in to the coral reef.  The trail of the under water theme ends at the ‘Skyline,’ — what a New Jersey resident might see when looking out across the Hudson.  This amazing exhibit took 100 people to curate, and one week to install.

The events that will take place over fourteen days include, an Alex Woo trunk show, flower manicures, drawing seminar, career wardrobing event, and a Secret Garden fashion show, to name a few, as well as the Floral Seminar offered every 30 minutes from 11 am to 4:30 pm.

flower show


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