The Mulleavy Sisters

RD 4

This semester I am studying the luxury brand, Rodarte for Summer school.  This particular brand struck my interest, because the two sisters (Mulleavy sisters) went to UC Berkeley (I’m born and raised in the Bay Area) one studied Art history, one took up English literature. These subject matters have nothing to do with fashion and everything to do with it at the same time. Being that, Fashion is consider an art, designs  can be created as  a figment of one’s imagination or an imitation of life, but the Mulleavy sisters were inspired to design by watching a shit-ton of  horror films during the Summer after they graduated college.

rodarte (baroque)

Photo via:

Roadarte ( Baroque)

Photo via: E-online

Rodarte ( baroque ---black)

Black Swan Sketches

If you’ve read my blog in the past, (or any of my posts written for other publications) you understand that I LOVE film wardrobe. Because, I am a lover of costume design and film wardrobe; I am naturally drawn to the wildly embellished, melancholic designs that these two sisters create.  After all,  they created the costumes for Atonement and Black Swan just to name a couple, so I’m sure you catch my drift of what type of unique designers they are. The kicker: they are STILL independent after almost 10 years of celebrity endorsements and uber success. That alone is something to be celebrated.

You can read more about their new collaborations collections on The Coveteur. 


By: JoBell


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