Alexandra Byrne turns Superhero’s into modern fashionista/os

Guardians of the Galaxy exhibits a series of lines that introduces the audience the films bits of dark humor. However, the focus was not on every detail from scene to scene, the sights were fixated on the wardrobe and how the pieces sew together a succinct story about the “Guardians.”  Hand in Hand, with the script aligning with Alexandra Byrne’s vision.  Her work speaks for itself, so below I pinpointed a few era/genre categories that the wardrobe fell under.


Guards Z

(The) Guardians Style: 90s seduction with a modern edge. Blade flared leather coats, fitted men’s and women’s leather suiting pants. Tribal red tattooing sketched all over the body of Vin Diesel’s character, and the infamous “Groot,” did not disappoint with his bark-esque costume.

guardians 3Guardians

Via: Village Voice

Ronin and his crew: Goth edge, smeared black mascara running down cheeks of face. Heavy leather capes, headpieces, body suits. Mixed with dark futurism, green skin, mechanical eye on one character, to compliment the ensemble. The good guys (at the end) apparel resembled the Jestons paired with a flight attendant, galloping around in clean-cut nylon blue suits.
guardians 2



I wonder if anyone will attempt to make a Tree/ bark costume to attend ComicCon dressed as, the Groot.  What did you think of, Guardians of The Galaxy film and wardrobe? Answer back in the comment section.






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