The beginning of Jo_BellKnits

So, we all know that Knitting is and old, old fashion past time started in Egypt.  However, extensive research has proven that there are a plethora of 20 & 30 somethings that have immersed themselves full throttle into this past time. It’s no longer a “thing” that you find your grandma doing on her couch while catching up on the latest soaps, In the heat of the night, and Judge Judy.  These days, you will find youngins’ starting up their very own collections of purely handmade knitwear.  I happen to be one of these youngins’ and while my line is far from complete. I do not consider myself a beginner in this craft, rather an intermediate on the brinks of advanced.

knitwear leggings knee high knee-high knit legwarmers , handmade in 2014.

handmade infinity scarf

Handmade Merino Wool infinity Scarf

Perfection is the least of my concerns while knitting. My main focus is always, finishing the project I start and finding ways to make the fabric and yarn look like an original design. Enclosed, are a couple of my favorite designs handmade by me (Jo-bell). Weekly I will upload a picture of a new piece I am making or already finished.

You can follow my journey on instagram: @jo_bellknits

Be well,



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